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Collegiate NIL Group

Create player + team co-branded products

Who We Are

The Brandr Group works with brands to leverage Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness utilizing group rights in conjunction with University intellectual property to maximize the value of their collegiate sports marketing initiatives.

How Does it Work?


We work with University licensee partners to layer on player rights in a co-branded capacity.


Untitled design (9).png

We help establish fair market value royalty rate structures for our group rights programs at each University.


Licensees submit NIL co-branded designs to TBG for approval on behalf of the athletes, and submits the designs to the Universities for approval of their IP.

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Licensees report royalties for player usage to TBG and to University licensor for University IP. TBG collects and handles payments for the athletes.

If you would like more information or apply to be a NIL co-branded licensee, please email Thank you for your interest in being a NIL co-branded licensee.

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